Cancellations & Refunds.

You can cancel your order at any time prior to dispatch with a courier.

If you’ve not paid for the order, you can simply leave it to auto-cancel or you can click the “Cancel” button next to your order within the account dashboard.

Changed your mind after paying?
If you have paid for your order, you can click the “Cancel / Refund” button next to your order within the account dashboard.

We will charge a fee of 30% on any made-to-order products plus any other fees such as banking, etc.

Most of our products are made fresh to order, so a cancellation often results in us having to dispose of products which is not just a waste of a perfectly good product, but a waste of our time, resources and material costs, steriliser space etc. Cancellations hit us very hard.

We begin immediate preparation, planning and production of products as soon as we are notified of payment from a customer, ie. clicking the “I Have Paid” button or the “Cash Sent” buttons.

If this is the second time changing your mind after we have already worked on the products – we will not refund the price of any made-to-order products that you’ve ordered but will refund other items.

Other additional fees.

Banks don’t work for free, especially business banking! When we receive banking fees to perform a refund, these will be applied in advance of any refund being issued by ourselves.

Domestic Banking (UK to UK)
£2 fee.

International Banking (UK to Non-UK)
£17 fee for amounts below £100 / £22 for amounts above £100.

You will be refunded using GBP as the base currency for the total price of the order, converted into Bitcoin or whichever cryptocurrency you used to pay, at the current conversion rate at the time of the refund.

We do this to ensure that the same GBP amount you pay at the time of ordering is returned to you. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, we do not refund at the rate in force at the time of purchase, to protect both you and us from any big fluctuations in the crypto rates (they can sky rocket and drop regularly).

This can mean that you receive more or less crypto than what was paid at the time of the order transaction, however the equivalent GBP value of what you paid for your order will always be the same.

Cash Refunds from UK to UK
£7 fee for Special Delivery via Royal Mail which covers monetary contents up to £500.

Cash Refunds from UK to Non-UK
£9 fee which covers the postage and envelope cost to anywhere in the world. This will only protect cash contents of up to £50. If you need more protection for higher amounts, we will need to calculate them on a case by case basis as it differs around the world.