Spores for Vouchers

Receive vouchers for every quality spore print you send us

A new opportunity for you to never need to spend a single penny for anything on our shop ever again.

Just one of our XXL Grow Kits can grow hundreds of mushrooms. When you add up the amount of mushrooms that you can take prints from, you could easily make hundreds of pounds in vouchers for our website.

Plus, you can still have your cake mushrooms and eat it afterwards.

What is a spore print?

Essentially a spore print is just a piece of paper or foil which a mushroom cap has dropped its spores on to.

They’re made by cutting the cap off a mushroom and sitting it on a piece of foil for a number of hours.

That’s it – super easy.

How many vouchers will I get?

It’s not worth our time opening and inspecting prints if a customer has sent less than 10.

As long as you have at least 10 prints over the size of 3cm, we will calculate as follows:

spore print sizes

Prints under 3cm are too small for us to accept.

What are the quality requirements?

  • Printed on aluminium foil, not paper
  • Produced cleanly within a Still-Air Box (at the very least)
  • Employs the double printing technique for extra cleanliness
  • Dense sporulation (ie. dark, heavy prints)
  • Spore print diameter of 3cm+

Please note:
When sending pictures over of your spore prints, make sure not to compromise the cleanliness of them whilst doing so.
Always use gloves when handling foil, fingerprints are a big no-no and shows a disregard for cleanliness.

Which species are we accepting?

We will consider prints of just about any species of mushroom except shop bought ones or species which are dirty or unidentified.

Always get in touch first, don’t just send prints without confirming with us.

Don’t worry if you only have mushroom prints for species which are ‘for microscope only’, we can still accept them as long as you obtained them legally of course.

How to take a quality spore print?

The very best spore prints are taken in fancy Cleanroom labs, but we won’t require this level of quality from our customers (just our suppliers!)

Hundreds of mushrooms can be produced using our XL or XXL MonoBox Grow Kits, so it’s safe to say that you could end up with £100’s in vouchers to use across our site.

You just need to be very conscious of microbes and you must have a true passion for quality.

People who take shortcuts tend to produce inferior products and that’s not how we roll or what our customers expect from us.

Keep in mind our 5 requirements from above before taking any mushroom print.

An excellent tutorial can be found here on how to take quality prints. We advise you to follow these steps:

Bod’s Proper Spore Printing TEK

Please always contact us first before sending in prints.

Future opportunities

We spend a 6 digit sum on spore prints every year to suppliers around the world…
People who have a real flair for quality are surprisingly rare!
If you’re a perfectionist, you may have what it takes to become a permanant supplier to our business.