Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

Available to UK and International Customers.

Payment instructions are emailed immediately after placing your order (unless you have made a typo in your email address!)

BTCPay and Coinbase

We have finally abandoned crypto payments. The last straw today (15th May, 2023) was seeing a network fee of multiple £K’s to send a £50 payment. We are done with crypto. If you would like to send a more private payment, you will be able to do so with cash in post.

Cash in Post

Available to UK and International customers.

Payment instructions will be sent to you by email after you place the order.
We only accept payment in GBP (Pounds sterling) unless your foreign currency is topped up by 10% to account for our conversion fee’s,

Our current payment options will display at checkout

If a payment method that you previously used or a method that’s listed below isn’t available at checkout, this is not an error – it means that we don’t currently have it available as an option…

Always read the payment instruction emails we send each time you make a new order as sometimes this information, like bank details or a postal address, can change and we’ve experienced customers sending payments to old details they have on record for us and going through a hassle to claim it back – Please take the time to read!

Why don’t you accept card or PayPal payments?

We would if we could! We’re limited to the payment options we can offer due to the hostility against small businesses like ours face from financial institutions. Mushrooms are sorely misunderstood, and for some reason we believe financial institutions seem to believe we are selling illegal products for producing ‘magic mushrooms’ when we are clearly not – all of our products are legal and for growing gourmet mushrooms.

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