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Our expansive industrial unit is equipped with an autoclave steriliser, a state-of-the-art ISO-5 Cleanroom featuring a 6ft ultra-high spec ISO-4 Laminar Flowhood for spore syringe production. We also have a secondary cleanroom with 2x 4ft Laminar Flowhoods for processing and packing our sterilised cultivation products. We’re confident you’ll appreciate our mycoscopy products as much as we do!


Update on 7th February

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick update, as we’re dealing with a lot of emails from customers wondering when we’ll be back open. So, I thought it best to explain the situation here.

We aren’t able to open the shop right now due to medical issues. As many of you know, we’ve mentioned ongoing issues for a while now—it’s been 13 months of repeated worrying blood tests, visits to the GP, visits to A&E, and experiencing agonising pain at an 11 out of 10, along with a dozen other symptoms and extra symptoms.

After finally biting the bullet and seeking help outside of the NHS for the first time in our lives, we received a diagnosis within 5 minutes, and an ultrasound was done which backed the diagnosis. It was the best £200 ever spent.

So, now that there’s a diagnosis (which should have been made 13 months ago, but let’s not go there), a fast-tracked appointment has been arranged with the specialist for surgery, and hopefully, we’ll soon return to normal life.

There’s no point in opening right now, only to close again shortly. We aren’t usually this open with you guys, but there you go. That’s where we’re at. We do not have specific dates right now, but we’ll start to have an idea of them soon. Then, we’ll update this page when we have more information for you.

If something about your GP’s advice doesn’t sit right with you, or you doubt their competency, trust your gut—you’re not the only one. Doing your own research is key. Don’t take result interpretations over the phone from receptionists; they’re not trained for it, much like call centre sales agents can’t offer financial advice. Insist on discussing your concerns and results in person, don’t feel guilty asking for a different GP and always ask for a copy of your blood tests to examine on your own. Had we done this 13 months ago, we could have saved ourselves a heap of stress, pain, and misery and the use of unnecessary damaging medications. Hopefully, sharing this can help even just one of you.

I think I will leave this conversation with a bit of humour about a particular customer named ‘Tommy’ (not his real name). It’s detailed below—a bit of a different kind of blog post from us, but a great way to blow off steam with everything going on and to give you a snippet of the kinds of stuff we deal with at Cylocybe on occasion 🙂

Some People

Cheers, Cylocybe.co.uk 🍄✨


Brilliant company. Never have an issues. Would definitely recommend.

3 weeks ago
Andrew S.
Andrew S.gb
I’ve only had great experiences with Cylocybe. Great service with quick delivery and successful gro...
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3 weeks ago

Great service. Clearly a great team of people running a valuable business. Mush love🙏

3 weeks ago
Great service. Great business. Looking forward to them opening their virtual doors again in Feb 2024...
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3 weeks ago

Magic Spores

Cultivated and processed legally within state-of-the-art cleanroom laboratories in Europe and Jamaica and imported by us on foil print.

All spores are further processed into clean spore syringes within our ISO-5 Cleanroom laboratory in front of an ultra high-end ISO-4 laminar flow hood.

Our sterile technique is what made us and we’re so confident in the cleanliness of our spore syringes that if you see an issue through your microscope after within 8 weeks, drop us an email.

Grow Kits

Looking for the best beginner mushroom grow kits? All of our grow kits are easy, injectable and sold for legal mushroom growing only (of course). Simply source your own gourmet spore or liquid culture syringe and inject through our super simple Inject-thru™ system.

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