Reopening on 1st May!

Hello Amazing People,

Mark your calendars! 📅 We’re thrilled to announce that Cylocybe is reopening on May 1st! After a long, cold (and sometimes boring) winter the time has come to welcome you back and get back to doing what we’re best at.

We’ve missed you and are super excited to bring you the best of the best once again.

Stay tuned, stay excited, and most of all, stay awesome!

Can’t wait to see you all on May 1st! 🎈

Welcome to Cylocybe

Our expansive industrial unit is equipped with an autoclave steriliser, a state-of-the-art ISO-5 Cleanroom featuring a 6ft ultra-high spec ISO-4 Laminar Flowhood for spore syringe production. We also have a secondary cleanroom with 2x 4ft Laminar Flowhoods for processing and packing our sterilised cultivation products. We’re confident you’ll appreciate our mycoscopy products as much as we do!


excellent product and service i recommend

1 month ago

Brilliant company. Never have an issues. Would definitely recommend.

2 months ago
Andrew S.
I’ve only had great experiences with Cylocybe. Great service with quick delivery and successful gro...
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3 months ago

Great service. Clearly a great team of people running a valuable business. Mush love🙏

3 months ago

Magic Spores

Cultivated and processed legally within state-of-the-art cleanroom laboratories in Europe and Jamaica and imported by us on foil print.

All spores are further processed into clean spore syringes within our ISO-5 Cleanroom laboratory in front of an ultra high-end ISO-4 laminar flow hood.

Our sterile technique is what made us and we’re so confident in the cleanliness of our spore syringes that if you see an issue through your microscope after within 8 weeks, drop us an email.

Grow Kits

Looking for the best beginner mushroom grow kits? All of our grow kits are easy, injectable and sold for legal mushroom growing only (of course). Simply source your own gourmet spore or liquid culture syringe and inject through our super simple Inject-thru™ system.

Cultivation and Mycoscopy Supplies

Staying true to our values

If you would like to learn a little more about us and how we look after our customers at Cylocybe, read here.

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