Multigrain SpawnTubs™

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SpawnTubs™ filled with our signature mix of Millet, Rye Grain and Whole Wheat*

Our very own Inject-Thru™ lids we first launched in 2018 makes inoculation safer.

  • Each SpawnTub is fully sterile and ready to inject
  • The same SpawnTubs used in our MonoBox Grow Kits
  • Built-in grey rubber injection stopper with alcohol wipe for cleaning
  • Built-in breathable pink HEPA strips to filter out dust particles
  • 1L (approx.) containers filled to 65-70% to allow room for G2G transfers, shaking, etc.

Update: Due to a global shortage of grain imports (war in Ukraine), we are struggling to get ahold of enough millet and whole wheat to make our signature Multigrain spawn this week.
The spawn we may provide instead is our premium Rye Grain with added gyspum (and boiled in coffee water for extra nutes!)

rye grain spawn mycotub
Multigrain SpawnTubs™