Our Refund & Replacement Policy

Refunds before an order is dispatched

If you change your mind and wish to cancel your order before we send it out, you should login to your Cylocybe account and click the ‘Request Refund’ button next to the order.

We will refund using the method you originally used to pay for the order and deduct any applicable fees which are detailed below:

Made-to-order products

Our grow kit and spawn products are made fresh to order throughout the week, so if your order contains any of these products and you are cancelling the order any more than 48 hours since you paid for it, we will deduct 20% of the total cost of these products from your refund.

We begin preparation and production of products very quickly and cancellations after 48 hours often result in us having to dispose of products which is a waste of our time, material costs, steriliser space etc.


£2 deduction from your refund to cover our business banking transfer fee.


£7 deduction from your refund to cover the postage cost of sending with Guaranteed Special Delivery.
This is the only Royal Mail service which insures monetary contents.


How we refund Cryptocurrency payments

You will be refunded using GBP as the base currency for the total price of the order, converted into Bitcoin or whichever cryptocurrency you used to pay, at the current conversion rate at the time of the refund.

We do this to ensure that the same GBP amount you pay at the time of ordering is returned to you. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, we do not refund at the rate in force at the time of purchase, to protect both you and us from any big fluctuations in the crypto rates (they can sky rocket and drop regularly).

This can mean that you receive more or less crypto than what was paid at the time of the order transaction, however the equivalent GBP value of what you paid for your order will always be the same.


Refunds after an order is dispatched

We do not offer refunds on orders after they have been sent out to you.

If there is an issue that we cover in our policy below, we will offer you a replacement or a voucher for use on our website depending on the circumstance and at our own discretion.


Replacement Policy


Products have arrived damaged

We will send you a replacement for any damaged product you receive.

We require this to be reported to us by logging into your Cylocybe account and clicking on the ‘Report Damage’ button next to the order. This needs to be done within 7 days after we dispatch your order and the button will disappear after this time.

You will receive an email requesting photos or video of the damage to be sent, so please make sure not to throw anything away before getting evidence of the damage. We will not replace without evidence.

Carefully inspect any products for damage during transit before you use them.

If you use a product and later find damage, we would not send any replacements.

Please check for damage on arrival and report to us within 7 days. We cannot help otherwise.


Products have contaminated before use

We produce and handle our products under strict hygiene measures. Our spawn products and grow kits undergo a strict sterilisation process. A contamination appearing in a product before you have used it will be extremely rare but if you do have any concerns, we will require photos to be sent and if we agree on a contamination being present before use, we will replace any affected products.


Products have contaminated after use

We will not send replacements for any products which have been used.

A survey was available on our website during Feb 2022 in which we asked visitors to vote on their preferred option in regards to replacements and support.

You can find the results of this survey here and also some of the written feedback we received.

You will see that there was a landslide win for the option which came with a very limited replacements policy and the opinions of these customers were in overwhelming support for us not to have to replace products where the fault lies with the customer using them.

We conducted a fair opinion survey before completing this replacement policy and put the decision in customer’s hands.

Detailed instructions are provided with grow kits, advice is supplied on our website and there is so much information available easily online for you to prepare yourself beforehand, troubleshoot and learn.


We may update this policy at any time in order to reflect changes to our practices.